Experiences on the way to moksha

There are two approaches to moksha. One approach is to directly try to attain moksha. Jnana Yogis try to do that. There is another approach called the path of krama mukti or gradual liberation by stages.  What do the spiritual adept experience in his journey towards moksha? There is material that gives in outline the experience of a Yogi on the path of krama mukti.

“The Vedas speak of seven planes where the mind dwells. When the mind is immersed in worldliness it dwells in the three lower planes — at the navel, the organ of generation, and the organ of evacuation. In that state the mind loses all its higher visions — it broods only on ‘woman and gold’. The fourth plane of the mind is at the heart. When the mind dwells there, one has the first glimpse of spiritual consciousness. One sees light all around. Such a man, perceiving the divine light, becomes speechless with wonder and says: ‘Ah! What is this? What is this?’ His mind does not go downward to the objects of the world.

         “The fifth plane of the mind is at the throat. When the mind reaches this, the aspirant becomes free from all ignorance and illusion. He does not enjoy talking or hearing  about anything but God. If people talk about worldly things, he leaves the place at once.

“The sixth plane is at the forehead. When the mind reaches it, the aspirant sees the form of God day and night. But even then a little trace of ego remains. At the sight of that incomparable beauty of God’s form, one becomes intoxicated and rushes forth to touch and embrace it. But one doesn’t succeed. It is like the light inside a lantern. One feels as if one could touch the light, but one cannot on account of the pane of glass. 

“In the top of the head is the seventh plane. When the mind rises there, one goes into samadhi. Then the Brahmajnani directly perceives Brahman. But in that state his body does not last many days. He remains unconscious of the outer world. If milk is poured into his mouth, it runs out. Dwelling on this plane of consciousness, he gives up his body in twenty-one days. That is the condition of the Brahmajnani. But yours is the path of devotion. That is a very good and easy path.

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, October 28, 1882

The divine light seen by the spiritual aspirant when he reaches the fourth plane is the Atman. Tantric texts say that the first experience of the Atman will  not generally be pleasant.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent roadmap. So, it seems most people in the world today are operating from the lower three chakras. Spiritual maturity starts from the heart onward. Are you aware of any chakras that exist beyond the physical boundary (ie corresponding to the physical body)?
    It seems some tantric traditions consider there are 14 chakras and 7 of them exist outside the boundary of the annamaya kosha…

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