Fancy dress shows-being a little God[ dess]

Fancy dress shows-being a little God[ dess]

Whenever I can ,I watch the program “Malarum Mottum” [ Flower and blossom] in Sun TV.telecast on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm .

It is a show for children between the ages three and five and I like the fact that there is no stress that is involved for them..It’s not a contest and it’s just a show where they sing ,dance ,dress up as little Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens and talk in their child lingo.

I find that lingo absolutely adorable. Strange how we manage to lose all this niceness when we grow up…

Ms.Anita Kuppuswamy hosts the program and I think she is a child person-a person who knows how to bring out the best in children.
Fancy dress round is what I enjoy watching and as Anita says “whatever they do, children are adorable”.

A baby Krishna comes in fighting his temptation to chew his papermache “flute”.

A little Bharatamata walks wearily as though she is disgusted with the happenings all around her [ just like the real one].

Little Hanuman looks worried as he has to balance a thermocol Sanjeevi hill and his mace-He looks startled as the mace grazes the little Muruga nearby who is adjusting his crown…

A little Radha rubs her eyes and looks as though she needs to sleep, but her name is being called,she has to trudge up and say something that was taught to her…

Ask the children who made them up nine out of ten they say with an emphasis on that “M”..”Ammmmm…ma”.

They don’t show the Ammas who must be beaming now…

And little Krishnas and Kalis, when asked if they have seen Krishna or Kali always say “Yes" with conviction.

May be they have.

Three are “trees” who talk about global warming and mermaids who beam proudly when they are told they are pretty…

The children are tutored to recite shlokas or lines and not all of them remember their lines all the time…

I once anxiously watched a little Devi -she had forgotten her lines and looked very miserable.

“Sarvartha Sadhike, sadhike..”she said .Her lips quivered, her round eyes filled with tears and I was already sitting on the floor so could n’t fall off the sofa..

A line about why she should not cry would have started full fledged bawling.

But the hostess diverted the child’s attention, gently prompted her lines and the child was back to normal…and I smiled happily.

Some answers are hilarious like the one my niece gave when she attended a fancy dress show organized by her neighbourhood association.

She was dressed as a Manipur classical dancer and when asked by the judges where she was from [she had to say “Manipur” as she had been taught ] said,”Apoorva Apartments…”

A few years back my now 10 year old wanted to dress up as Lord Ram for a fancy dress show organized by our building society. I spent nearly 15 days in making a bow, a quiver , arrows and some assorted “jewellery”…

I also taught or tried to teach him some lines from Valmikhi Ramayan and Kamba Ramayanam.

All the while he insisted he’d say what he’d say…

When the compere/neighbor asked him ,as the Lord what boons he was planning to bestow on us he said, ”All the chocolates and icecreams my Mother has hidden in the fridge…”

Everyone laughed and I smiled too…

We can teach children their lines but what they say spontaneously is always more interesting…

They take the life out of us sometimes , they drive us up the wall so often, they drive us crazy,[ if we are not crazy already]but they are endless sources of delight.

According to Thiruvalluvar the prattle of one’s own children is sweeter than any music that flute can produce…[ Kuzhal inidhu yaazh inidhu…]

Baby talk is sweet anyway…[makes one wonder where and why we lose all that sweetness].

 I don’t mean we have to prattle but surely we can avoid harsh words.
We laugh when we see a little Kattabommu [ A 19 the century chieftain who opposed the British] twirling his fake moustache while saying in a macho [!] sweaky voice,“Meethai thuthikirathu!”.[ an expression about one’s moustache which is associated with valor].

Little Subramnaia Bharathis sometimes are too conscious about their turbans and moustache while saying “Achchamillai, Achchamillai,…”[ no fear: no fear..] and that makes us smile too…

The answer given by a little Lord Shiva in the program, when asked about his missing third eye, takes the cake.

“It fell off somewhere…”

No wonder it's said that little humans[rather than adult ones who use their "analytical"brain]  are closer to God.

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