Fluoride, 2012, Yogananda, DMT and oils

It is an extreme article. Speculates too much. Uses some theories, which fly around unproven. Like what is going to happen in 2012.

However, it brings some solid, though not necessarily new, facts about the Fluoride – used in both the drinking water many of us get and in the toothpastes we use. I’ve been following this topic for years, reading and talking with few scientists and dentists. Unfortunately, the article is right as far as the source of Fluoride in our water is concerned and the effects it has on our bodies. The sad reality of priority of business interests in the USA over population health.

The connection to the pineal gland > hence on consciousness > hence its role for the coming 2012 – not so firmly provable. Yet an interesting point. I have taken the view before, that the falling level of the consciousness for majority of the fellow human beings today is due to laziness, “culture” and environmental contamination. The article picks the last one here.


Whether the 2012 will bring that revolution people expect, we do have to work on the consciousness of the human race. Staying healthy is definitely required for that. So if you plan to fry something with Canola oil – check the other links below. In Bulgaria we use almost 100% Sunflower oil for cooking and Olive oil for salads. As I guess many of you use Coconut oil, there is an ongoing debate about it too. Apparently the current understanding is, that the origin and the type of the coconut oil drastically change its healthy properties. And its down again to business interests and lobbying to see it otherwsie.



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