For Young Mothers

Young mothers who may chance on this article dated 14th November,

should refrain from being influenced by the misleading title and the first two paragraphs which reinforce the misdirection and read the article through. They should especially look at the advice given at the end of the article which was obviously

not intended by the forces which dictated the title of the article.


Research reporting should indeed not generalize results from findings based on unique inputs. Dr. Weyermann’s team should indeed investigate why there should be such high variation in the adiponectin levels of breast milk and find the life style that should be adopted by young ladies who would be mothers, so that when the infant arrives, this little imbalance (if it is an imbalance) in the composition of breast milk will remain corrected.

The article in question seems to have been written in a particular way to suit some vested interests, adapting itself from the straight scientific findings of Dr. Weyermann’s team on the subject. 

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