Global Warming (Junior ID-18)

Global Warming

Participant ID – 18
Medhajunior, Grade, 8th, India


One night I had dream that took me 2080.  In contradiction to my expectation I saw a very horrifying view of the future. Nature in its raw form had become extinct. The sky was no more visible, the human settlement were covered by glass covers like green houses to protect the “surviving” humans from poisonous atmosphere outside. But how long……..? The natural resources in all forms are over. How long can human survive in their self built cages ……….?.
The night mare was over……but its probabilities are not. If the humans are not yet vigilant of the fact that their own environment is at risk, the night mare might turn in to reality.
“Global warming” probably the first technological word a child come across although it is the most common word but also the most difficult task to come over. Global warming is actually the result of the harm full gases increasing in the atmosphere like Carbon mono oxide gases, Freon gases, nitrogen gases, Excess of Carbon dioxide etc due to the excessive use of the Motor vehicles, polluting home appliances, clustering industries.
For a sustainable future it is important that the necessities of life are restricted to procure a healthy environment for future generation.
Sustainable development is about using all resources carefully while saving it for future and also sustaining the present. Through the principles of the sustainable development “we can save our green earth”. Some of the principles of sustainable development are
·        Respect and care for all forms of life. We must understand the importance of plant life for our environment and its inhabitants. 
·        Improve the quality of human life. The social and economic well being of all humans is possible when the disparities fade away with awareness in communities for environment.
·        Conserve the earth’s vitality and diversity. We must try and accept nature as it is because it is the best form available to us.
·        Minimize the depletion of the natural recourses. We must look out for alternatives for the existing resources like using solar or wind energy as resources for power required in industries.
·        Change personal attitude and practices to words the environment. Individuals must develop vigilance to words depleting environment and avoid malpractices.
·        Enable communities to care their own environment.
The future of our planate and its people is linked with our ability to maintain and preserve the life support system that nature provides. Therefore it is our duty to ensure that.
·        All uses of renewable resources are sustainable.
·        The diversity of life on the earth is conserved.
·        The damaged to natural environmental system is minimized.

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