Global Warming (Junior ID-19)

Global Warming

Participant ID – 19
Medhajunior, Grade, 6th, India

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have received information from my school to send a paragraph on global warming to you.  Which I am giving below based on my thoughts and understanding.
1. The first reason I feel is increase in the human population due to which reduction in green belt area and increase in concrete made houses.
2. The increase population cause dissatisfaction in people due to one or other reason which leads to form discident group and takes shape of terrorist organization like LTTE, ALkayda, etc., which uses latest and sophisticated weapons and create problem for the environment.
3. Increase in dependency in artificial resources like TV, freezes, AC, cooler, instead of normal resources helps in some extent in global warming.
4. In transportation also I feel that from old age rickshaws, Tam Tam, bullock carts to new era of transport system which is growing very fast in every country and capturing the ruler area, increasing polution in the environment and causing the problem like global warming.
5. Increase of Industrialization which creates heat and pollution to disturb the environment and is also helping the global warming.
And in last, increase in sofisticated weapons and waepons by every country for self defence.  In this process, they so far testing of these weapons which is a major cause of create problems in global warming.
I being a kid request you all super powers to please all save the natural power with your help and support.

Thanking you,
Yours Truly.

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