Global Warming (Junior ID-20)

Global Warming

Participant ID – 20
Medhajunior, Grade, 8th, India


At this moment the people on the earth are facing a dire consequence of global warming. It’s pity that we are only responsible for creating this such problem. This is seer man made problem what man can only solve himself. As an earth dweller I realize that the misuse of science and technology what the people have been doing for years in the name of development is the main reason for the such situation. Actually world’s so called developed countries are mainly responsible for this. With the situation out of control, those developed countries are now eying to increase the awareness against it throughout the world. For availing the better living style we, the people, are in the search for new ways or method either by using science or by using the technology. Developed countries or developing countries or under developing countries—— all are equal responsible for inviting this situation. However, it is good news for the earth dwellers that a good part of human society are trying their best to increase the awareness against it. Though we are late to control the situation but late is better than never. The people of India too have roles to play. The under developing country like India where the rate of the literacy is officially 62%, has to take many steps to prevent the worst consequence. The school student like me should come forward to lead the campaign against it.

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