Go Green this Valentine’s Day

Red and pink are synonymous with Valentine’s Day but instead of sending "pink chaddis" to Mutalik’s Sri Rama Sena, how about going green this ‘V’ day? That is going environmentally green rather than green with envy. If you’re going to buy something, then find the perfect gift for your loved one that is good for the environment as well! The idea is to save the planet not go cheap!!

To help make giving the perfect green gift easier, here are some helpful hints:

Get up to date and green by sending an e-card to the one you love. If technology is not your thing then send a card made with recycled paper.

Go for that personal touch and make your own cards using odds and ends you would usually throw away. You can add your own quips and phrases for the ultimate personal touch.…after all it is the thought that counts.

Go traditional and buy flowers. Go through a local nursery that most likely does not use high amounts of pesticide on the plants. Better yet, buy a plant or tree that can be planted in the spring. Not only will they last longer and bring memories every year, but they are good for the earth as well.

Chocolates are always a winner but instead of going for the pre-wrapped, preservative laden chocolates found at the local mass-retailer, stop by your local store for some freshly made stuff whether it be fudge or ladoos. If you are health conscious then make them yourself for your loved ones.

If bling is the thing then why not consider some designer jewelery made from recycled objects like glass bottles. Jewelery made from organic jute is also a big hit in India.

Why not take a walk under the starry skies and name a star after them instead of going on a drive or flying to a vacation spot?

No Valentines Day would be complete without a romantic meal, so instead of going to a restaurant, rustle up something incredible for your loved one with organic, locally grown produce from the local farmer’s market. A bottle of champagne or wine made of bio-dynamically grown grapes will give it the perfect touch. A romantic candle-lit dinner is just the ticket to their hearts and it saves energy. And don’t forget to recycle your champagne bottle or bottles!!

What ever you do remember it’s the thought that counts and green is the new red!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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