Greatness of acquiring a Human form

Greatness of acquiring a Human form



                       Human being crowns the top most hierarchy of living beings. When he acquires the forms of many creatures on the earth, he then craves to be born as human being and performs many good deeds to reach that stage. After struggling for thousands of years and after taking several births he becomes eligible to take the form of a human being. Once he is born as a man, it is then he starts moving towards divinity or come down to the level of beasts by his thoughts and actions.


                        He gets attached to the one from whom he is born, to the one who looks after him and lets him grow mentally, to the ones who share the friendship with him in times of need, to the ones who seem to be his relations, to the ones who are strangers but quite close at heart unknowingly and above all to his belongings which do not come to his aid at his last moments when the death knocks his life. He even gets attached to his enemies by always meditating on their mistakes, actions and behavior. But he gets so attached to this mechanical, artificial world that he tends to attach himself to the divine being who is root cause of his birth. He is attached to the creation but not the Creator. But God gives him the opportunity to take a human birth assuming him to live up to the human values, realize the nature of God to a certain extent and then become one with God in order not to be reborn not only as several forms of species but as a human being too.


                       When man is born, he is very sensitive at heart, sensible at mind and is immersed in the divine bliss due to which he is treated as some one equal to God who is a selfless being. But as he starts growing, he starts his first mistakes of speaking out lies and hiding the truth which humanity thinks is common but the same child when he grows from childhood to adulthood, he forgets that he is hiding the truth but remembers and makes is a habit only to speak lies in order to live a secured life in the society and in order to attract the creation. But he doesn’t realize that all that matters to him at the end is the Creator alone.


                        He is a person of wisdom, choice and discrimination due to which human life seems to be a boon to the creation. He is full of awareness and each and every cell in his body is aware to discriminate between good and bad. He is aware that he should not hurt another being by his thoughts, words or actions. But still he keeps doing that in order to satisfy himself or the people around him. Ego plays a vital role in his materialistic life. It occupies each and every part of his body.


                       Ego is the root cause of all the disasters in his mind and the entire world. He feeds his ego to the extent that it overtakes and dominates his own life and purpose. Man sees something great within himself that his egoistic mind tries to reach the sky. If a human being is beautiful or more talented or has more knowledge or an intellectual it seems hard for him to stand on the earth which formed to be the very basis of his existence. Man is only a part of this creation. What to say of the greatest God who created the entire universe? If God starts taking pride in his creation, if God takes pride in his victory where will the Universe land? What will happen to the artificial creation of humanity? Man is responsible for the creation of certain things but he is unable to control his own creation. But God who created is capable of controlling his own creation but binds to the regulations created by none.


                       Man assumes to control anything on earth with the guidance of Science but he is not at all capable of controlling his own senses. The most difficult task is the control of senses. They seem to be like the wavering wind in the sky which can never be controlled. But when man hacks his ego into pieces, it is then he can start controlling his senses. In this task, he feels he has reached the peaks of the sky but the very moment his mind is filled with a desire, all his control over the senses loses control and collapses on to the earth.  It is at this moment, he is exhausted and it is at this moment he has to take God as his only resort because He is the one who is above senses and ego. Though God is above all these, he is still aware of the human fickle mind and man’s defeat regarding his sense control. The greatest God comes down to the level of human mind and understands the conflicts and struggles involved in man’s sojourn from illusion to illumination.


                        God doesn’t get disappointed at the sins and mistakes of humanity. He only gets disheartened and always awaits man to call him for rescue. But man is always busy asking for human help forgetting God. Man aims to become spiritual every moment but doesn’t strive as much as he aims. True spirituality lies where he slashes his desires and when his only desire seems to be merging with God. He has to treat happiness and sorrow as two faces of a human birth. He is very well aware that the bliss and yearn he experiences when he prays to God is immeasurable to the prayer in times of happiness. The self becomes pure and selfless when he cries for God. It is then he reaches the peaks of divinity and bliss and it is then he truly experiences the love of God and being one with God. True spirituality is to step on the first step in the ladder of realization and be aware that man has to shred the animal qualities inside of him following him from several hundreds and thousands of births and then remain human by living up to the human values and then move higher and higher away from his self and ego to merge with the Divine being. It is then the endless cycle of births and deaths comes to an end. This is the soul purpose of his life. For this to happen in one life, he has to plead to God to let him be drenched in his divine light, love and wisdom thus-


Divine God who is the Generator of my body, Operator of my heart, Destroyer of my petty mind, I am born as a human being who is alone capable of realizing the divinity with in oneself. I am born divine but grow with animal qualities and die to be born as a beast. Let this not happen to this soul who took the rare form of a human being. I am full of awareness. I realize the pain I cause to my fellow beings; I also experience the pain they cause to me. Though I am aware of the pain and hurt, I still cause harm to them in the name of action and reaction.


I realize the way I utilize my tongue in cleansing others’ dirt but I fail to realize some one else is cleansing my dirt by speaking ill of me. I am full of awareness but still get hurt. I realize the value attached to the usage of my tongue but still I fail to make it sing only the glory of the Lord.


I realize I have eyes to see you in every being. But I fail to see you in them when I blame the people around me. Don’t you have a remedy to cure this illness of mine?


I realize I have a mind to offer it to the Lord but I fail and attach it to the world I live in. why don’t you let me drench in your bliss for my mind to ever turn towards you?


I realize my heart is only to become one with yours but I fail when my heart is tempted towards the materialistic, artificial love my people immerse me in. I very well realize this illusion but how much ever I try to come out of this whirlpool, so much I fall and get crushed inside of it willingly. I know my greatest mistakes and the smallest sins I committed on this earth plane and I asked you for forgiveness realizing it is the same as asking everyone for forgiveness as you reside in every heart. But I keep making the known mistakes knowingly rising up and falling down.


                     Lord, what is the ultimate cure for this fickle mind which jumps up in happiness and rolls down in sorrow?  What is the medicine for the illness of my thoughts and talk? What is the controlling hand of my ego which rises to its peaks when tested by others’ action and behavior? I want to live in this world unattached but unable to live like a lotus which is dry though immersed in water. When you can control our life and death, can’t you control my living? I no more can bear the agony of guilt of going down to the very level where I came from. I do not want to be born as that very same animal whose aim is to be born as a human being; I do not want to remain an animal when I am born as a human being but I want to move beyond my hierarchy to experience your bliss and only when I drench in your forgiveness for once, will my soul be purified for ever in immortality.




“Man’s only life sojourn is to move from immorality to Immortality.’

                                                                                           – – Sharmila Sanka


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