i caught the metro rail to SOMI, and walked to Sunset Tavern for Cat’s acoustic gig



Bartender “what can i get ya”


Jim “a miller light”



it was just Cat, and Mau



Jim “Cat, hi”


Cat “hey man”


Jim “how is it going?”


Cat “good, just getting set up”


Jim “cool”



i made a freind at the bar so i went back to chat



Madeline “are you cold”


Jim “nervous jitters”


Madeline “over me”


Jim “who else?”


Madeline “who is that?”


Jim “who Cat”


Madeline “check her out, she’s hot”


Jim “yeah”


Madeline “i’ll bet thats what yer after”


Jim “no, i just want to chill out, and listen to the acoustic”


Madeline “want another beer?”


Jim “sure, that would be great”



after the first set i saw Cat, and Mau outside



Mau “hi”


Cat “what’s up man”


Jim “nice night, i could go for a cigar”


Cat “ya know what, there is a cigar shop right over on the next street”


Jim “there is” Cat “yeah, just walk out around to the left”


Jim “eh, i brought a camera, want me to take a few shots later?


Cat “sure man, get yer artistic side on”



the shopkeeper wasn’t sure if he had what i was looking for so he just gave me a cigar, and said to “be safe”

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