Happy Birthday Medha Journal!


And Many more to come… 


We launched the Medha Journal on the 10th of January, 2007.  It has been exactly one year since the launch.

The TMJ team would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the wonderful readers who have made it worth our while and our life's mission to deliver a great and powerful platform that will serve your (and your friends' and families') needs.


Team Medha salutes you — O participating champions of Medhavi activities.

Team Medha also salutes you — O silent reader, whom we would very much like to see participating more actively.

We have come from 1 hit (Rudra/Dwai) to 111,000+ plus visits in one year (thankfully not done by only Rudra).

Let us acknowledge some of our stalwarts (since inception) — Karigar, Gangp, MoorNam, Nitin Bhai (Dr. Antonio De Nicolas), Dr. Kartha, Partha, Naremsomu, Desika, Hatimtai, Aadhish,  the list is endless…


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