Happy Diwali, Deepawali, Kali Pujo

Dear Friends,

It is soon going to be three years since we started Medha Journal. I know we don’t usually celebrate many of our festivals on Medha Journal.  I thought we would break with that “not-so-nice” tradition of neglecting our beautiful and meaningful festivals and start sharing our joy and love starting this Diwali.

Diwali (or the three days that include Kali Puja, North Indian Diwali and South Indian Deepavali) holds a very special place in my heart. From the early excitement of being able to burst firecrackers, sparklers and other eye-dazzling fireworks, to the intensity of incantations and oblations offered to The Divine Mother, Ma Kali.

In my family, my departed Grandfather used to do a Kali Puja at home, as long as his health permitted him to. He would do the Puja in the traditional way, fasting all day, with a life-size Ma Kali, resplendent in our home in all her intense radiance and energy, he would do the ceremony with intense concentration and dedication…and the atmosphere would be charged with the energy that it raised.

Then there was the Community Puja (Pujo) that would be organized by the expatriat Bengali population, domicile in the magnificent town of Mysore (Maisuru), a grand event (albeit not as intense or charged as my Grandfather’s puja). That happened after my parents migrated to Karnataka. We would stay up all night, play, burst fire-crackers, etc. Admittedly not the best course of action for kids, but we were exempt from any parental restrictions that night.

Now is as good a time as any to have at least a part of the fun,  but share all of the joy and love with all you beloved Medhavis, from all over the world.

May  you and all your loved onesl be Blessed by Ma Kali,  protected and guided in her Divine Embrace.


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