hemingway soren kierkegaard srila prabhupad and satsvarupa

books are the key even if they sell for $3 dollars i listed my favorite authors soren kierkegaard srila prabhupad ernest hemingway and satsvarupa now how i’ve collected all of these books is a long list of library visits and and visits to tackle shops and newstands and iskcon bookstores now i find krishna in the songbirds and at first light in the morning i find krishna in the pleidies and the great bear and the shooting stars or soma the moon krishna is the ocean krishna is the wind krishna is the sun krishna is a droplet of water and the immortal chess board you find in the world of forms hera and ida and athene and artemis the seven sisters and every myth and story ever told is in fact is the spiritual worlds dna not just a hoax


i’m a lousiana cajun so i thought i’d share seafood in india i must say i made the most discoveries on the water diving and fishing i am mostly vegan although my quantum theory on a grain of salt includes shellfish! gps navigation and star charts and the tide charts and the weather! and technology! if we had no gas or marine diesel engines we’d have to go sailing or paddle! the same goes for outer space! if we had no space shuttle or telescope? krishna is like the crab nebula! either that or he is a mere cartoon in a coloring book! spirit matter travels like the speed of light! fact or myth?


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