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Eleven Forces that evolve from Atma


In 2008, I wrote an explanation for Aitareya Upanishad, which talks about the evolution of Universe from Atman. Refer my blog here.


http://thebigthinkg.sulekha.com/blog/post/2009/04/aitar eya-upanishad-from-plasma-to-particles.htm


In my blogs on Aitareya Upanishad, Purusha Suktam, Rudram chamakam, Sandhya vandana mantras, I have interpreted Purusha as Dark Matter, which Purusha Suktam claims as one that occupies 2/3rd of Universe and is invisible. I had also interpreted Amba as primordial matter (probably a Quark-Gluon Plasma) from which evolved the Cosmic space, mortal matter and biological life.


Aitareya Upanishad talks about various forces that evolve from the Atman and create the Universe that we perceive.


According to Aitareya Upanishad, from Atma evolved Amba. Amba exists beyond the heavens and is glowing. From the same essence (as that of Amba) Purusha was drawn out and laid to protect the Universe that would evolve.


Then Marici, Maram and Apa evolved out of Atma.

  • · Marici (which means particle/dust speck as well light wave) formed the Space
  • · Maram (which means mortal matter) formed the mortal worlds
  • · Apa (which is celestial waters) formed the biological life.

Detailing them further, Aitareya Upanishad says the forces that evolved from Atma are Vaca, Agni, Prana, Caksu, Karnau, Hrdaya, Manasa, Candrama, Zizna, Reta and Apa. These eleven forces drive the evolution of Universe further.


Eleven force-fields – Eleven Rudras


I had also mapped the driving force-fields behind the formation of these forces to the Eleven Rudras mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads.


Let’s look at the Eleven forces that evolve from Atma and the Eleven force-fields that drive these forces.


Cosmic Space


Of the eleven forces mentioned in Aitareya Upanishad Vaca, Agni, Pranna, Caksu and Karnau are the force-fields of Marici, that fills the Cosmic Space.


Mortal Matter


According to Aitareya Upanishad, ‘Strings’ crystallize on the ‘Skin/top layer’ (of Atma) due to heating up and they grow thickly. These strings then form the mortal matter particles called Hrdaya, Manasa and Candrama. Each one of these is driven by an unique force-field.


Biological life


Zizna, Reta and Apa evolve next to drive the evolution of biological life and consciousness.


Eleven Force Fields


There are eleven force fields or eleven Rudras corresponding to these eleven forces.



  • The five force-fields that fill the Cosmic space are Vaca (Higgs), Agni (Force of Dark Matter), Prana (Dark Energy), Caksu/Aksi (Electro-Magnetic force), Karnau(Gravitation) make up the Cosmic space.
  • The three force-fields that operate inside the mortal matter and drive the formation of Hrdaya (Baryons), Manasa (Mesons) and Candrama (Leptons) create the mortal matter that is susceptible to death.
  • The three force-fields that operate on the chemical compounds driving the evolution of biological life that drive the formation of ziznam, Reta and Apa evolve the biological life and consciousness.


I had mapped these eleven forces to the eleven Rudras in Vedas in several of my blogs that I had been writing for the past four years.


Rudra – The force that vibrates or Howler


Rudra means vibrations. Ru indicates howl/cry/vibrations. Dra indicates running. Rudra means running vibrations. Vibrations that run and spread far and wide. In other words vibrations that make the Universe. Many interpret this vibration as ‘howling’ and western scholar interpret Rudra as ‘howler’. Rudra is the force that vibrates and forms all the eleven fields. In that sense, yes Rudra is a howler.



Rudra ‘vibrates’ the fields that form the perceivable space. Vaca, Agni, Pranna, Caksu and Karnau are the forces of Marici, that drive the evolution of Space. Five Rudras or five force-fields vibrate each of these forces and form the space as we perceive it.



Rudra ‘vibrates’ the strings to form the matter particles (Mara forms the worlds). Hrdaya, Manasa and Candrama are forces of Mara, that drive the evolution of matter. Three Rudras or three force-fields vibrate these forces and form the matter particles as we perceive it.



Rudra ‘vibrates’ the compounds by forming bonds and leads these chemicals to becoming the vehicle for biological life (consciousness). Ziznam, Reta and Apa are forces that are vibrated by Rudra to enable them to become the vehicle of consciousness.



There are eleven Rudras corresponding to these eleven force-fields and they form the eleven dimensional space.


Rudra and Cosmic Space


Cosmic space (antariksham) is a set of force-fields or vibrations of the five Rudras.


Vaca – Higgs field

Vaca means ‘expression’. Aitarerya Upanishad says the ‘face or identification’ of Atma was its ‘expression’. Vaca corresponds to Higgs field which expresses the mortal matter (gives them mass)


Agni – Force field of Dark matter on Matter

Agni means transfer of energy from one to another. According to Sankhya Philosophy Purusha influences Prakrti so that there is a preponderance of Sattwa Guna in Prakrti and triggers the evolution. Preponderance of a particular Guna initiates the ‘transfer of energy’ in an otherwise balanced system.


It is the influence of Dark Matter on matter that triggers the evolution by influencing the ‘transfer of energy’ or causing a pre-ponderance of one particular guna in matter, according to this interpretation.


In my blogs on Sankhya Philosophy, I had mapped that Dark matter impacts the spin property of matter.


Currently science says dark matter does not impact matter. In scientific terms Dark matter is a concept that is present in 2/3rd of Universe and imperceptible to us (similar to Purusha Suktam).


Prana – Dark Energy

Prana (Invisible Dark Energy) corresponds to the Dark Energy that drives the expansion of Universe


Aksi/Caksu – Electro-Magnetic force

Caksu/Aksi (Light Energy) corresponds to the Electro-Magnetic force that evolved from the Universe (at the time of Big-Bang) and is present as Cosmic Micro-wave Background


Karnau – Gravitational force

Karnau (Handle to hold) corresponds to the Gravitational force-field produced by objects of mass through which they are held in a place in space.



Modern science says the cosmic space has all the above five force-fields. Ofcourse these force-fields are present everywhere. These five make up what we perceive as the Cosmic space.


Rudra and  fundamental particles of Matter

There are two fundamental particles of Matter viz. Quarks and Leptons. Quarks are always found in groups and are present as either Baryons (3 quarks) or Mesons (One quark and antiquark).


Baryons – Hrdaya particles – Strong Force

Baryons form the ‘core’ of atoms called the nucleons (protons and neutrons). They are ‘Hrdaya’ of the atoms, which are fundamental building block of universe and are also called ‘nucleons’ There is a ‘force-field’ that binds the Quarks forming Baryons and Mesons. This is called ‘Strong force’ or ‘Gluons’.



Rudra (corresponding to Hrdaya) drives the formation of Hrdaya particles (protons, nuetrons). This strong force is the sixth Rudra.


Mesons – Manasa particles – Nuclear force

Several nucleons in a nucleus are bound together by a ‘nuclear force’ mediated by the Mesons. Since Mesons are made of a quark and anti-quark pair, they are hidden. They are the ‘Manasa’ mentioned in Aitareya Upanishad. Manas means hidden.



This nuclear force mediated by the Manasa or Mesons is the seventh Rudra. This Rudra drives the formation of nucleus in an atom.


Candrama – Lepton particles – Weak force

Leptons are satellites to nucleons. Candrama means satellite. The most well known lepton is an Electron.



There is a force that keeps the electrons away from the nucleus. This force is called the Weak-force. The Rudra that drives the Candrama (satellite or the electron/lepton) is the weak-force.



This weak-force is the eighth Rudra.


Rudra and Biological compounds

There are three fundamental bonds that drive biological life. They are covalent, hydrogen and ionic bonds. Covalent bonds result in long peptide chains forming proteins. Hydrogen bonds result in the formation of RNA and DNA. Hydrogen bonds also result in formation of water ahnd acids. Ionic bonds result in the formation of alkali or base.


Proteins – Zizna – Covalent bonds

Zizna (which means long rod like structure) represents the long chains of amino acids or proteins. They are driven by the covalent bonding force.


This covalent bonding force is the ninth Rudra.


DNA/RNA/Acid/Water – Reta – Hydrogen bonds

Reta (which means semen or medium in which sperm floats) represents the DNA and RNA structures that encode genetic information that drive evolution of life. The DNA and RNA are driven by both Covalent and Hydrogen bonding forces. In particular Hydrogen bonding drives the formation of DNA and RNA.



Hydrogen bonding force also results in formation of water that serves as a medium of life (the semen that carries the sperm)


This hydrogen bonding force is the tenth Rudra.


Alkaline – Apa – Ionic bonds

Apa (which is mapped to a medium that is vital for life) represents the alkaline compounds and medium that enables all life processes. These are driven by ionic bonding forces.


This ionic bonding force is the eleventh Rudra.


Rudras – The drivers of biological evolution

The Covalent, hydrogen and ionic bonding forces drive all life processes from formation of amino-acids, RNA/DNA, nucleus, cells, complex organisms, metabolism, fertilization etc.



The thirty-three Devas and the Atma

The eleven Rudras correspond to eleven force-fields that guide the Universe in its evolution in the domain of Physics, Chemistry and biology.


The Twelve Adityas (originators) correspond to twelve stages of stellar evolution that guide the evolution of matter (in particular elements) in our Universe and more specific in our Galaxy.


The Eight Vasus correspond to eight biological factors that reside in all biological beings that serve as a vehicle of that Supreme Consciousness.


The Amba is the Primordial Matter from which all forces evolved.


The Purusha is the Dark Matter which guards the Matter.


These are the thirty three types of Devas or ‘forces’ that guide us. Beyond all of these is the Atman from which everything evolved, about which we can never know fully (according to Nasadiya Suktam).




PS: Well, as usual, this is based on my understanding of Vedas and Upanishads. 

Easwaro Rakshatu!!!


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