Hinduism, Nation-State and Immigration

Suggestions for Immigration Policies for the Modern Nation-States

Here are some suggestions that could aid in that process. None of them are easy, and some of them will face stiff opposition. The implementation should be slow and could take decades to complete. But in the end, it will be worth it.

Nation-State should stop classifying people based on group-characteristics like race, religion, caste, ethnicity etc. All group benefits and group responsibilities should be done away gradually.
Nation-State should do away with all State-sponsored benefits like Social Security, Free Healthcare, etc. A Mexican immigrant to America is on his own when he or a member of his family falls sick. If he cannot afford to pay for their healthcare, he will be at the mercy of charity or death.
Nation-State should remove all barriers to movement for those who are not from the respective countries, with a system of monitoring their movement. All immigrants should be made to pay taxes from day one. The underground “cash” labor market should be exterminated ruthlessly.
Nation-States should be based on a common ideology of Individualism, where no person should expect others to take care of him/her. Just as Hinduism stresses that we are individually responsible by our own actions to get out of the cycle of rebirth, people should be individually responsible to get out of the cycle of poverty.
Individuals should treat countries just like we treat our employers. If another employer offers us a lot more, we switch without much thought. Patriotism, and its evil cousin Nationalism, should be a thing of the past. I’ve never read about patriotic songs of Vijayanagara Empire or Gupta Empire. The individual should view the State as a person whose job is to provide limited services: Basic security, infrastructure, rule of law, property rights etc. The State should be treated no different from the grocer or the plumber. Have seen anyone singing songs of praise for their grocer? Then why should there be national anthems, national birds, national fruit etc?
Once the individual is at the mercy of himself and all group identities will be useless to him, he will concentrate more on catching the 7:18 to work rather than demand more rights for Muslims or special category for Dalits or free medicines for poor Mexicans. People will move back to the system of extended family as a support structure rather than depend on the State.

With these simple, but difficult to implement, steps, the people of the world can go about their business to help themselves live comfortably and peacefully anywhere they wish. When a baby is born, it does not know or care that it is born as a German or Sri Lankan. When a person dies, he or she should die in the same state.

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