Hot and Cold Verdict Before And Without Trial

Editor’s Note: V Sundaram (Retd. IAS officer) has written a blistering critique of Indian Media and it’s mishandling of the Swami Nityananda issue.
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Part II is the latest and comprehensive one carrying details of the court filings, etc.
Now that Swami Nityananda has chosen to resign as head of his DHYANAPEETAM Ashram and from all the Trusts associated with it, living a life of “spiritual seclusion” for an indefinite time, it will not be fair either in law or in ethics (excepting in the morally dictatorial world of the media cats!), to go into the totally un-established allegations made against him in the Media—both print and electronic. This matter will get thrashed out in the usual manner by the police through Courts Of Law at various levels. The Mafia of Anti-Hindu Mass Media have no business whatsoever to conduct a parallel trial based on their own prejudices and half-truths derived from half-baked knowledge. This has been my consistent stand on this issue right from the beginning. The right of unhindered, unfettered and unrestricted access to the realm of the Rule of Law and the Constitutional benefit of the Principle Of Equality Before The Law cannot be denied to any citizen of India and more particularly Nityananda.
The detractors of Nithyananda—international criminals from the shady and sordid world of Christianity in USA in subterranean league with some anti-Hindu gangster politicians from Tamilnadu—have now started facing the white heat in the Courts of Law. The Karnataka High Court on 30th March 2010 (Tuesday) refused to ask the police not to arrest Swami Nithyananda as requested by him in his writ petition. The hearing of the case, in which the Swami has sought that the FIR registered against him be quashed, will resume on April 6, 2010. The detractors of Nithyananda received their first jolt in the Karnataka High Court in regard to the complaint filed by their plotted/planted dummy Lenin Karuppan, a former devotee of Nithyananda, in which he has alleged that Nithyananda called himself an incarnation of Lord Krishna and women devotees as Gopis. Hon’ble Justice Arali Nagaraj of Karnataka High Court has reacted to this complaint of Lenin by observing thus: “IT MIGHT NOT BE A LEGAL OFFENCE AT ALL BUT MAY ONLY BE A MORAL OFFENCE. IT IS FOR THE PUBLIC TO DEAL WITH IT.”
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