How can someone Mis-interpret Jallianwallah Bagh?!?

Read this piece on the Times Of India ( ) and couldn't help but opine. Let this be considered to be my open letter to the people of Britain, especially those who think there was anything remotely good about the Empire!

Let me quote a few lines reported herewith:

Traditionalists said the decision to teach British schoolchildren about Jallianwala Bagh was a sign that a biased, anti-British interpretation of Empire was acquiring currency.

The decision to teach British pre-pubescent and teenage children the bloodied lessons of history comes nearly two years after the then foreign secretary Jack Straw became the highest-ranking British politician to visit the Jallianwala Bagh memorial, formally to express "shame and sorrow" for "the slaughter" of "so many innocents".

Who exactly are these "Traditionalists"? And how dare they suggest that there can be any interpretation other than that of "Mass Murder by a Racist Bigot" to this ghastly tragedy?!?

Fact or Fiction?

Is it fiction that thousands of innocent Indians were killed in this massacre orchestrated by the British Army Officer Dyer?

British official records apparently seem to claim that only a "few hundred" were killed! Wow! And Indians are exaggerating the extent of this by adding a "zero" to the "actual number"?

What exactly do these fools want to do? What might be going on inside those narrow heads?

Hey! We killed only a few hundred of these brownies and they're claiming thousands dead?!?
Conspiracy!!! We need to teach our kids how Nice and Propah we were to the Indians. We even gave them English and a Railroad System! Talk about Ungrateful…hmph!

Okay morons! It's time to look back and revel in the glory of the British Empire. Here's what your forefathers did to India —  systematically!

  • Sneaked into the land of our ancestors pretending to be Merchants, fought the various rulers off against each other and surreptitiously took control.
  • Killed out indigenous enterprise and agriculture to mass produce Cotton for their Mills, stole our natural resources, depleted an economy that was half of the world's GDP only to sell back Cotton produced in the Mills in England at twice the price to Indians.
  • Discriminated against our forefathers and our traditions (much superior to yours) and gradually killed out the traditional knowledge systems to be replaced by their bastardized education system (that would mass-produce their clones, albeit more tanned versions)
  • Used our forefathers to fight the brutal battles of the West (foot soldiers who were relegated to the annals of complete historical obsolescence) — literally as cannon fodder during the First and Second World Wars.
  • The whole of Europe today rests on the graves of the millions of Indians and Africans that were ruined in their (your ancestors') lust for Power, Land and resources
  • The only major famines that ever plagued India were a direct result of your ancestors' wiping out irrigation systems that were used to support traditional agriculture. Millions of people died in Bengal as a direct result of British activities in that region.

Yet you want to talk about the Biased, Anti-British Interpretation of the Empire? Have you no shame?!!!?

Once you acknowledge all that your ancestors did to ours (ancestors), and your government issues a public apology for past injustices done and let a few thousand years go by; then MAYBE your progeny can talk about this in the tones you have used — and there might be people in India (having had forgotten all this), who would not get offended by it. Till then, SHUT UP and drink the bitter medicine for the diseases your ancestors caused!

UPDATE: Watch out for this (either on NPR or via podcast —

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