How I got 38 outcomes right out of 42 seats of West Bengal


I beat the Pre-Poll Surveys Conducted by the Media Wings as well as the Professional Organizations.

LS 2004 missed predicting the NDA figure by 7 or 8.  There was a Prize Contest going on, remember.

 I could never get my figures for West Bengal , U.P. Bihar right.  My max. error margin was for WB.  But this time, I concentrated on WB.

Surprised myself in getting 38 outcomes right out of 42.  Accuracy = 90.47 %

See    Don’t know whether I’ll do this stuff any longer ..can feel the heat -)

If you can’t click ‘n’ get the enlarged 7 jpg files with Logic & Suggestions given for the Congress-TMC combine (done in an impulsive moment – I’m basically not into politics) ket know..I’ll send it to you in .pdf

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