How to Save the Planet (Junior ID-3)

How to Save the Planet  

Participant ID – 3

MedhaJunior, Grade: 2nd  , USA

 Have you ever wondered how uncomfortable you can feel if someone puts a warm blanket around you on a warm day? Well, planet Earth feels the same way. The only difference is we can move out the blanket from our feet and feel nice and cool but Mother Nature cannot unless you and I and everyone around can help her. 

People have noticed that today’s ways of living are less earth-healthy. The ancient and olden days ways were much more Earth friendly and we should use more of those. The non-earth friendly things are more convenient but increase the risk of global warming. Global warming is caused when we put gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases are known as green house gases. Green house gases can be very harmful. All the gases could have floated off into space but the atmosphere is trapping the gases inside the Earth. The more gases we waste the hotter Earth gets. Using electricity is one example. To make electricity, we burn coal. 

Oil is one of our main natural resources. Oil comes from the mid west, so people have to travel from county to county and state to state to get oil. The truck in the picture is going to Utah, the most-resource producing state. This is at least better than getting oil from other far off countries so we can save on the gas, oil and money needed during transport. 

Instead of getting oil from other places, we could substitute oil. Later in the future, I think we could have solar-powered planes. Scientists say, millions of years from now, all the sun’s light and power will fade and plants and other life on Earth including humans will die. Earth will become bare and deserted like other planets. That will happen a millions years from now but we still have to save Earth. Solar power is a good way to substitute oil, but solar power used is expensive. Now solar power isn’t that expensive. 

One day I made up a word called “astronar”. First I took what I knew about Latin. Astron means stars in Latin. Next I took –ar from solar. That forms “astronar”. If things can use light from the sun, it can use light from the stars. The stars don’t have much light to give off, so radars have to be improved to collect light. Unless radar is improved, it can’t be used for planes or cars, but it still can be used for slow vehicles like mail trucks. Mail trucks sometimes use electricity or half electricity and half gas like a hybrid. It can still go at a truck’s normal speed but do it in a more earth-healthy way. 

Some of the other things that my family and I do are growing vegetables in our own garden so we do not need to buy a lot from the groceries. My mom uses herbs from our garden to make pasta. I had my birthday in the Ardenwood historic park in Fremont, CA so people can learn about plans and animals. I gave them seeds as treats so they can grow their own vegetable. I am trying to make my own compost from the left over of the mowing that we do in the garden. Also I love to buy strawberries from the local farmers who sell these near the schools. 

The Earth depends on us to do Earth-healthy things in our lives. The Earth also depends on the world’s inventors and so we all need to use our imagination to invent Earth-healthy things. The Earth needs a very good lawyer to make laws for Earth-friendly things and save her!

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