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How to save the Planet!?

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MedhaJournal, Australia

Mmmmmmm, a good question that seeks an answer yes? Humans are a funny breed, we are dominated by Need, Greed, and Want….those are our Gods. We even go to school to learn how best to serve them…..can we know anything at all about the universe? When we serve such gods? Mother Nature as she is commonly know to man is the Universe in her entirety. The whole kit and caboodal, the Macrocosm. Can we understand her when she speaks to us? Do we even know her language? Can we even give a name to her language? Is it words of the human language?, is it feelings? Is it thoughts? How do we describe her language? From the heart comes that knowledge of her, yet the gods Need Greed and Want teach that it is from the mind you should live. To know the universe is to understand that all there is, is settled already in your heart and the knowledge of her is so very easy to come by as though you were watching with a panoramic view.

All day every day, we change the molecular structure of our bodies, by the words that we speak. In general everyone speaks misery and destruction, and they will blame everyone or anything for their miserable existence. So easy is it for them to speak negatively, than to utter wonderful life giving positive words from the heart that make for exquisite happiness and giving beautiful life to themselves….So easy it is for them to believe those miserable words they continuously utter, than to believe the opposite. It is written, “As you speak, so U are!” Jesus from the scriptures understood the universe and tried his best to teach the people, he knew how she worked, and from his lips came the words  “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” He was a simple man just as you or I are, but his understanding of the universe was so extraordinary, that he chose to impart his knowledge to the masses…..but because his teachings would cause the “system” or “society” as its commonly known, to lose their fabulous source of income, he (Jesus) was deemed an enemy to the establishment (the system) Jesus’ brother James said also in scripture the “the tongue can no man tame, it is the smallest member of our body” But I know that u can tame your tongue and watch what u speak, for anything and everything is possible unto u……..The universe is exceedingly generous with her gifts, she gives willingly, whatsover you ask in faith that shall it be done of you. Well the negative words are spoken of in faith and she gives you what you have asked for! She doesn,t care what it is you have asked for, she will give willingly and generously……

The universe is in absolute control of all that she has created, not one hair on your head will fall unless she says so. No one tangible life will pass into the next realm till she says so. She made change to be inevitable, it is the only constant in the universe as we all know. She causes the huge Tsunamis, the cataclysmic force of thevolcanic eruptionsthe seismic destruction of the earthquakes, the searing dry heat of the droughts, the devastating floods, are all her way of crating constant renewal of her universe. She creates and she changes at her leisure and pleasure, She is the master of planned maintainance as we know it. It is my belief that each proceeding civilization is the recycler of preceding civilizations.  Man is given the ability to use what is on and in the earth to create the most amazing things for our comfort and enjoyment. Even to recycling our waste products more to create other useful gadgets. Perhaps even tis mother nature herself who recycles and leaves it for a civilization to discover and make perfect use of, for technology or for  our pleasures for instance, the diamonds that come from coal, the coal was recycled so that it created the diamonds. All the minerals and gems are the dumpings of preceding civilizations waiting for us to recycle. Now all our plastic and whatever is used in our technological things that is dumped by us, will over the centuries become a treasure for some civilizations to come…….The so called greenhouse gasses, the pollution, the hole in the ozone layer, the melting of the glaciers is all mother natures way, the change is coming whether we choose to like it or not….she doesn,t care, for come it must!

We are simply here for her pleasure and experience. We have no idea how to enjoy her gifts, or to even receive them, we cannot control our emotions,  we cannot live without  Want or Need and Greed, We have no idea about the rights of other life forms, we selfishly think that we are the only ones with any rights, we never have enough, always we want more! We feel the need to destroy that which we do not understand, because we are afraid of what we do not understand. Save the planet? Its hilarious!

What about going back to basics, and banning school as we know it and give the children back to the parents to teach them and to speak of the ways of the universe, what about banning religions and going back to basics where man was a nature worshipper, commonly known as “heathen” what about teaching our children how to speak life back into their life? What about teaching them that its ok to simply be. No more no less. Never more to strive and fuss about being something we were not meant to be in the first place. What about teaching about the energy in its purest, rawest form, commonly known as “love” teaching  them to love themselves first and formost, for to do that, enables them to truly love others……What about teaching the children that being a child of the universe means that you have everything already, that it is all at your fingertips or “tip of their tongue???? What about showing them how blissfully, exquisite is her generosity……..Only then can we understand, that we are a part of her and She will do everything and we just enjoy!!!! Change your perception, see through the eyes of the universe, and watch the magic happen……Alas ! only an elect few will understand her ways and know how to ask of her……

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