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A fourteen page document dated 1922 on the subject of the biology of a particular species of lotus borer has apparently been missing for all this while and Amazon.com has been advertising about possible owners of any kind of copy and consequently possible reviewers of

The Biology of the lotus borer (Pyrausta penitalis grote) (Bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture) (Unknown Binding)
by George G Ainslie (Author)


I know nothing about the borer and thought that I would think about one member of this species and try to read its mind, if it has one. The result is the following.


I am Central


This is my lotus,-my residence and my food, itself sustained by my own Sun, strategically placed in my Universe, of which I am the centre. My life is central to the events that produced my Universe, my Sun and my lotus in proper sequence, in readiness for my appearance in its stalk.


I lotus-eat in my lotus-house, at a leisurely pace, enough to create a little mess of a wound in the stalk, not enough to kill the lotus. The mess I make is the central purpose of the creation of the lotus, of the Sun, which sustains it, and of course of the Universe in which it is strategically placed.


I move as little as I need to and conserve my energy for my only other mission apart from feeding on the lotus. I am waiting for the arrival of my male partner who is somewhere around. His arrival will ensure continuation of my species and thus bless the central purpose of the creation of my lotus, my Sun and my Universe.



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