I am my own creation


I feel bright and wonderful as I see myself grow and change. The growth and change is contained in every moment of now and the spontaneity of the self. This moment brings in so much of magic and potential. It’s our ability to not to be contained in ourselves which triggers the more of ourselves to come into existence.It’s like a painting. You start with nothing and you end up surprising yourself. It’s like a flower which is unaware of its beauty and begins it journey in a bud and chooses to blossom. How wonderful to blossom, how wonderful to change and how wonderful to be yourself.

I believe we all are destined to blossom and it’s the process of enjoying your beauty which helps you create more of yourself. It’s our creativity, it’s our choice to be beautiful and all this is contained in this moment. Right now, is the moment of livingness, right now is the time to evolve, to surprise ourselves and then as you reach your new self, the new moment arrives again and every moment is the moment of beauty, bliss and an invitation to live as you have never lived before.


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