I in an eye – Archer’s tale I

Another poem based around an event in Mahabharat

Drona and Arjun

And tell me what do you see?
He demanded of the prince
‘My liege I see you…’
‘I see the sky, the trees,
My brothers, my friends…’

The guru contemplated silently
And shaking his head, said
‘My son you are not yet ready for the test’

And so he called them all,
All the princes in his tutelage
yet none did he allow to stand trial,
By their power of observation
Stood summarily unimpressed

The wooden bird which was set
As target to the test,
Remained at rest

The arrow set in their bow
Did they see too little or much too more?

Finally he called upon Arjun
And went through the same motion
‘Set your arrow, to the bow
And tell me what you see?’
My liege I see a bird!’

‘If you see the bird,
then describe it to me’
My lord, but for the eye
I see not the bird!’
Tell me then, about the eye’
My lord in the ‘eye’ I see me’

And now the guru knew
That the archer was prepared
For the bow and arrow were mere tools
And archery a mere path
to something deeper

For the Archer was now rid
Of his greatest adversaries three
His distractions, his preoccupations
and the notion ‘me’
in pure consciousness, he was one
in-being, and with all that be

All pervading in awareness
Yet within a point concentrated
In the objective, the ‘I’ in the eye
Nodding his assent
‘Shoot my prince’, he said
‘Though in my eye
You’ve already passed the test’

– Abhi

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