I see Him now

Here is another micro-story, friends.

I see Him now.


The newborn child opened its eyes looking for Him. The eyes went all around. No, He was not to be found.

A charcha ensued between the eyes and the child’s soul. He could not be found in the charcha.

The helpful stranger holding the child picked up a mask of Sri Krishna and showed it to the child. The child looked beyond. ‘Mother’ playfully put the mask gently on the face.

The child did not find Him in the mask. But it gave a smile of encouragement.

‘Mother’ put out her palms and gently pressed the temples of the child in affectionate admiration. ‘Not there’, thought the child. ‘Anyway I cannot look at my temples.’

‘Not in the charcha, your mask or my temples!’ The child closed its eyes. ‘I see Him now!’


charcha– a warm discussion, dispute


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