I, You & the Cosmic I

I, You & the Cosmic I

A Personal Voyage

As I offer You a flower, Ma,

I come to You as the very flower!


As I smell and savor the beguiling scent,

I become the scent, the flower & the space between!


As I collect the flower from her kindly mother flora,

I become the plant, its leaves & the spreading roots!


As I enter the garden to gather these winsome blooms,

I become the garden, the air and the nourishing soil!


As I breathe the air in there and revel in the breeze,

 I become the breeze, the earth and the firmament!


As I gaze the canopy embedded with many immaculate pearls,

I become the Sun, the Moon and the twinkling stars!


As I gape at the sprawling bright ‘Akash Ganga’,

I become the glow spreading as the ‘Sathasaakhi’, the ‘Aswath’!


As I muse on the celestial gems, the seen and the unseen,

I become the thoughts that form this very universe!


When I am the cosmos, then I am the time, the absolute,

Flowing, spreading, filling, engulfing every void and beyond!


Through the time, the incessant time, I become YOU, the Cosmic I,

As all the aphorisms emanating from the Vedas start blooming in me!

This was originaly presented in Sulekha.com on August 18 2008

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