In memorial- Ravi Joshi, Medhavi

Just found out that Ravi Joshi aka Karigar Medha (on FB), who was a co-founder and crucial member of MedhaJournal, and a dear friend, passed away from a massive cardiac arrest.

I’m beyond shocked. Though life caught up and we were not able to keep in touch as closely as during the heydays of MedhaJournal, I felt great joy and pride with news of his papers presented at Waves Conf, and other his accomplishments, along with the larger MedhaJournal family.

Om Shanti!

While medhajournal itself owes a great debt of gratitude to him for  his contributions as a founding member, he also wrote a lot of powerful articles. Here is  a  link  to  his  works.

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3 Replies to “In memorial- Ravi Joshi, Medhavi”

  1. Oops.. Couldn’t believe this.. When it happened dwai..?

    Though I never met him, we had several email interactions and he looked at what I write more ‘sympathetically’ than others. He was the one who brought me to Waves Conference once.

    Aum Shanti.

  2. Here is a sincere prayer to Paramatma, who has definitely received this noble Atma, to empower his wife, daughter and parents to bear this terrible loss. May the family find meaningful help from those who can afford, out of their near relatives and friends

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