In quest of our roots

Have you ever felt the need to reach out to your roots? Are we all in search of our roots? What drives us to know our roots? 


I grew up hearing stories that our (my family) roots are not in West Bengal, India but from a small village called Khajura, in Rajshahi District, in what is present-day Bangladesh. And my grandparents had immigrated to India prior to Indian independence (post Parition). My grandparents who had immigrated to India as adults had vivid and loving memories of their home in Bangladesh. My grandfather missed his ancestral home and told us wonderful stories about his life then. He being a great story teller told us about waterways of river Atreyi, Zamindari, mango trees, his pet horses, his house boat and so on. Like many other immigrants around the time of Indian independence, my grandparents left their home and moved to India. Busy in making a living in India, they were left with no information as to what happened to their home back in Bangladesh. They heard few rumors around it, and that was about it.


There was a phase in my life that I needed to know more about my ancestral home in Bangladesh. I made multiple searches on google to find a place Khajura in Bangladesh. I found some sporadic recovery with very negligible news regarding our ancestral village. I was not happy with my find! I continued googling the web to find about the next nearest town near our village Natore, bingo! I continued my research with all my childhood memories and with all the stories that I heard from my grandfather. I was surprised to find out so much of my history researching Bangladesh’s history. Rani Bhavani from Natore, Roy, (Raja) Krishnendra who had link with our family tree and so on. It amazed me, now that I have moved to the US from India, my roots are from India, and however, I could link my roots all the way to Bangladesh. Did all these information satiated me and made me happy? Yes! It was my research and information related to my origin made me elated with joy.

I have witnessed a friend of mine going through regression hypnosis to learn about her past lives. She was very happy to learn about her origin.

One may wonder, what pleasure we found by wasting several hours, and discover some information that has no relevance in our lives at this point. What did we gain from this research and knowledge? Did this information change our lives and brought us closer to our origin? 

Basis, center, core, crux, derivation, origin, pith, seed, soul, source, starting point are
all synonyms for Root. Perhaps quest to learn about our roots, drive us to find out about human origin in both scientific as well as in the metaphysical world. We at different levels are in search of our origin. It may be as simple as going back few generations, or several million years to know our origin in the scientific world or it could be one in the metaphysical world researching one’s origin knowing the soul. 

Human, intelligent beings of this earth are always in search of one’s roots, to discover who we are, how are we here, and why are we here.

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