Indian Army protecting Pakistani Army!!!

The following three videos brought back memories of 1971 war. I was only part of logistics but we know the Pakistani army is committing lot of mistakes. It was alienating the local Bengalis by terrorising them which resulted in nearly 10 million refugees fleeing to India. What was rather ironic for me was the escape of RED MULLAH BHASHANI to India who till the last moment was helping the Pakistani Army establishment in East Pakistan. He could have escaped to Burma but chose to come to India. His escape to India, the rape of Dacca University and killing of Bengali intellectuals sealed the fate of East Pakistan and Bangladesh was born. Why Pakistani Army felt so unsafe in East Pakistan that they preferred the soil of arch enemy India?Why Indian Army was so confident that it allowed the Pakistani Army to have their weapons? Will Pakistani Army treat its enemies surrendered to it this way? It is important for Pakistani nation to learn from its mistakes instead of blaming everything on Indian RAW. Whether the following vedios help in this education only time will tell. ( TIGER SIDDIQUE and surrender of Pakistani Army) (Field marshal Maneckshaw overseeing safety of surrendered Pakistani army units.) (According to Brig Kler, the Pakistani army will not face any animosity in India while they will be butchered in erstwhile East Pakistan.)

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