Introducing Medha Bucks

{xtypo_dropcap}D{/xtypo_dropcap}ear Friends,

You will start noticing a little block on the left navigation bar (right under Navigate) titled "My Medha Bucks". We are introducing a points system on Medha Journal, that will earn the Medhavis some additional "Medha Capital". 

 While it is true that for Medhavis these "Bucks" might not amount to much, but we hope that soon we will be able to offer you tangible returns for these Bucks.

We are doing this in order to give something back to our wonderful community for each and every person's participation on Medha Journal.

 The Bucks earned will vary and is subject to change and left to the discretion of the Medha Journal Management, but here's a little summary of what various activity on Medha Journal will earn you (MB here stands for Medha Bucks) —


  • Blog Posts and Article Submission — 25 MB
  • Comments on blogs and articles — 5 MB
  • New forum thread or subsequent Forum posts — 5 MB
  • Link Submissions — 1 MB
  • New Member referral — 1 MB (click here)


Keep an eye out for more information on how/what/when these MB can be redeemed.

On Behalf of Medha Journal,



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