iSopanishad – An executive summary


I had written down here my translation of iSa upanishad.  This is a brief summary of the main points here.

iSa  resides in all matter and beings which are born and/or moving in the Universe. iSa is that which does not abhor anything. iSa is desire. iSa is love. That does not mean iSa causes the moha or zoka in beings. In all beings Atma is the Knower. If Atma is the knower and iSa is the desire/love that emanates from Atma, then what is  moha or zoka of individuals (nara)..?


All beings born undergo learning and unlearning. They undergo production and destruction. It is this cycle that evolves them.


Once upon a time, the laws of Universe were covered in the Hiranmaya pAtra (which I translate as Quark-Gluon Plasma).  Pusan (which I translate as one of the Adityas, which are energies that create matter in Universe and puSan is QCD binding energy) uncovers them and triggers the evolution.


The Evolution progresses as Kratu, the intelligence of Atman triggering smara, the lust/excitations. The lust/excitations trigger further creations with more kratu, the intelligence of Atman. That triggers further smara, the excitations/lust, triggering more creations with more intelligence.

Agni, the usable/transferable energy in matter leads the path of this creation of wealth as it is the learned of all the matter and beings in the Universe.  Whichever that manifests they submit to Agni.


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