japa notes ‘Matsya the Tortoise and the Buddha’

In bhakti yoga we make our connection to Krishna our spark and flame that ignites that binds us to Godhead.  I live in a fishing village so Matsya the fish incarnation or Kurma the tortoise are very manifest.  Matsya looks like a giant yellowtail snapper.  I often think the more illustrious gamefish like the sailfish or the swordfish capsulize the prehistoric reptilian encounter to man.  The tortoise is even more characterable often dipicted as the cartoon ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. In the Florida Bahamas Cuba Gulfstream region Loggerheads and Green Turtles are most common and Hawksbill’s and Leatherbacks too.  Man in the realm of Maya.  How can we call the oceans illusory?  This is Maya’s creation.  Man on his quest and the narrative that tells his story is Maya’s road map for life or else we just get bland rice!  Lets consider the Buddha as Krishna the same as ‘Matsya the fish’ or ‘Kurma the tortoise’ follow the light that keeps you most steadfast on your path.  Even in the evolution of antient civilation we find the Mayan and Aztec Indians telling the same stories as in India and building pyramids the same as in Egypt.  The same as if we see a golden eagle we see it as an omen we find the same mythological symbols there to shed light in our travels.  If we find ourselves in complete silence and utterly lacking our japa routine we find that we need to chant.  Even if you are like an acorn that has fallen from the Caitanya tree and now grow flower blossums and peaches there must be some cosmic link?  This puzzle has to fit in some way.  So just chant and stay positive!  Pure japa and pure devotion is all that matters. Om Vishnu Padme! Om Vajrapani Hum! 

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