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yin (feminine energy) explodes like a bomb


a mans true mastery (yang) is the numbing effect of his (yin) and the wave of energy he is traversing on


you know i clasp my hands and pray


what drives a man mad is what he gets not what he is without he is so mad for it it is all he wants and the source of all his caos


he who sleeps in athene’s arms unleashes his wrath when released


the love jest you never predicted or even saw coming is the greatest gift of all


when you grovel like a baby at her breast you will rise like a man and stand the test


he who speaks of it loses it ~ tao te ching ` i will say no more


i stand more upright with my hair messed up


i feel like j krishnamurti on this tangent


your lovers eyes are the true window to the soul


i asked her to rescue me at my death ‘athene’ that is


when i meet a stranger who says yes god guides you and as do i and now we are acquainted i never feel lost


i command you to fight you are the greatest gift of all keep me locked in your heart


i practice taoism that is how i empty my mind to make space for only athene and her faery nymphs and yes this in fact settles my mind


once you find that krishna is the wave you are riding to your goddess you will surf forever


now i feel joy in writing again


clever is he not he just has more faith


his words are not his own only the water flowing from the spring of his love


if you sleep on gods pillow your dreams will dance like a kestrel soaring in the wind and your blanket will become like her (athene’s) bosom


my feet are facing your feet and we are standing upside down


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