Jokes by Ronuk

6 year old Ronuk loves to make jokes and make others laugh!! He takes great effort in explaining why his jokes are really funny if you have a hard time laughing at them! Here are a few of them that he’s been cracking ever since he was 3! Hope you can laugh without his help:


  1. Ronuk’s dad asked him to listen to mommy and not trouble her. Ronuk replied, “Dad I thought that was just for Mother’s day!”

  2. Ronuk’s sister, Rhea asked for some tissue. Ronuk replied, “Why ask me? You have tissue in your body. Take some from there.”

  3. One day Ronuk was walking on the street and saw a sign called ‘TV cable’ on the pavement. He very excitedly told me “Mommy I want to jump into that cable so you can watch me on TV!”

  4. When Ronuk met his sister for the very first time when he was 3 years old, he looked at her and said, “My sweet little pet, I will take care of you!”

  5. On our way to Vegas Ronuk asked his dad if he could do whatever he liked. His dad said, “Of course, it is your vacation.” Ronuk replied, “Wow, does that mean I can also trouble you?”

  6. One day at the park Rhea wanted me to swing with her on a kiddy slide. Of course I was embarrassed to do with a lot of people around. Rhea however kept insisting that I slide down with her. Ronuk, then around 4 came to my rescue and said, “Rhea, mom’s feet got glued to the ground. She cannot walk. I’ll come with you.”

  7. Ronuk is all into doing eco-friendly things. The other day he mentioned that he did not want to waste money as money is made up of paper or metal.

  8. Ronuk told me that he is going to build a Taj Mahal when I will die. When I asked why, he replied, “Shah Jahan built it for his wife, I will do it for my mommy!”

  9. Ronuk loves to play with words. When I asked him some time ago to practice his piano lessons, he said” Mommy, look the teacher has asked me to practice this every-DAY and now it is already NIGHT!! Sorry Mommy, I will need to wait till the sun comes out tomorrow.”

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