JOY! It’s Love, It’s Bliss, It’s Eternal


 It’s Love, It’s Bliss, It’s Eternal

Look, see, feel, sense, enjoy

It’s there

Inside, outside, everywhere

It’s love, it’s inspiration, it’s the divine bliss


Emanating it is, from our hearts

It’s been there all along,

It’s been there from the very beginning,

Right there, in you, all around you


Seek it if you don’t see it

You’ll never miss it again

It is the elixir of your life

It’s eternal and it is JOY!

(By: Self)

The Infinite is the source of joy

‘The Infinite is the source of joy. There is no joy in the finite. Only in the Infinite is there joy. Ask to know the Infinite’, so states the Chandogya Upanishad (7.23), while Taittiriya Upanishad (2.7-9) says, ‘He who knows the joy of Brahman, which words cannot express and the mind cannot reach, is free from fear. He is not distressed by the thought, “Why did I not do what is right? Why did I do what is wrong?” He who knows the joy of Brahman, knowing both good and evil, transcends them both.’

Joy –A Big Small Word!

We all live to enjoy life! It is, in a way, an understatement. Truthfully, there is only one goal in every one’s life; that is, joy.

Did anyone say that I am flippant? I would certainly accept the prickly qualification if one can show me a sane man or woman who works hard only to be sad and make his/her loved ones also sad. If ever I meet such a person, my first, reflexive reaction would be to pinch my chin to wake me up from a nightmarish setup.

We don’t have to worry; we may not even come across such a person outside a mental asylum or a prison cell. Let us try to get the feel of joy, rather its finer characteristics.

The question then is, ‘What is that we call Joy?’

Joy – Let’s take a trip to acquaint with it

The hurdle we face is that the answer is not as straight forward and simple as its question happens to be! We are leaving the one-word or a vaguely-framed-phrase meaning offered by any dictionary out, as it will not help us to understand the real sense that gives such a mystic halo to this pint-sized word. To understand therefore this ordinary, but elusive term, we must adopt a better way. We take a more democratic route and find out what people with differing vocations and outlooks find about joy.

Here we go………….! A joyful trip that we are going to enjoy!

More with less

Persons who have simple desires and lesser needs enjoy their lives more and their joy lasts longer. The best example of this category is that of children. Another category of such people is that sages and ascetics who, in fact, are the seekers of bliss, the ultimate joy.

The same is the case when we do something that gives us happiness such as reading an exciting book or watching an entertaining programme. For that matter, our joy would be immense when we do something that is close to our hearts. Occasionally, we find an insignificant thing like the absence of any junk mail in our inbox is sufficient to push our joy button on.

The best way to find out whether you are a guest member of this elite and exclusive group of joyous people is to see if your desire and actual need are matching in magnitude. An exaggerated example may show what I said above. That is, when your desire is to have a luxury car while what you need is only a bicycle, you will not realize your desire as well as need and the result will be discontent and disappointment. For that matter, you may end up in unhappiness, even if you meet your desire.

Joy-is being connected with others

The Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu said, “You can never achieve happiness by trying to make yourself happy, but only by seeking to make others happy.” This is possible only after you have made tryst with lasting joy in your own life or after allowing yourself to feel good or being connected to your true self.

Paraphrasing this idea with a humorous twist, an anonymous philosopher said, “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

Many of us are becoming busier by day as the demands on time and life are ever increasing. During some rare serene moments we even feel that our hectic lives get in the way of really living. The irony is that we are always hooked up, in touch with, networked through e-mails, voicemails, mobiles, SMSes, faxes, and online chatting, yet, we are less connected with others compared to, say about ten years back.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even during this frenzied life, we can experience joy more and more frequently. But, keep in mind that if we try to buy joy with money or material, or to go after it, it will just run away from us. For joy to fancy or to take interest in us, we must be open to those magical moments that always blossom all around us in nature, people, animals and plants.    

Joy-Make it as our Closest Pal

Joy is a sign of wellbeing of our body, mind and our spiritual field. The sense of wellbeing, in a way, “is the feeling of grinning inside.”  Some of us who are young and adventurous may like the counsel provided by Friedrich Nietzsche, an Eighteenth century Scholar. The advice given by him to reveal the secret of joy is this: “Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!”  (The emphasis is mine).

I find Nietzsche’s is a bit extreme way for achieving joy. There must be a more comfortable way of living as well as enjoying it.  William Glasser understood this and he placed joy as a part of five basic necessities of people when he said, “We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.”  

Joy says to us, “I am locked up in you. Laugh, grin or smile. That is the key to set me free. Once I am free, I am your friend forever.” This way, we may keep joy as our closest pal that helps us to lead a fruitful life.

Many of us like to say, “I will be happy, if……….”. Now, that is a sure fire recipe for discontent or closing the door on joy. That in effect is tying the cart before the horse. Instead of happily achieving, we are trying to achieve to be happy. That is a tall order.

Joy-At the Workplace

The source of joy at the place of our work rests with us. Only we can make our work a joyful experience. We have the power within to create an enjoyable work atmosphere. It is like this saying, “a fulfilling life does not create a happy person; while a happy person creates a fulfilling life. True and lasting joy is the joy of belonging to our family, to our friends, to our neighbours, to our community, to the human race and to all the creations of God.

Once, we are able to climb these steps, our life becomes more and more fruitful, more and more fulfilling. Our work group is one step of this great journey. Creating emotional connections with our group members is a positive move in that direction.

Joy of Buying Gifts

For a joyful person, there is a reason to celebrate every moment of life. Even though, many of us may not have reached such levels, we too have numerous instances to celebrate. Festivals, family get-togethers, birth days, anniversaries, and a long list of days named after our dear ones by those creative geniuses of the advertising world. For some of these special and the ‘made special’ days we may like to buy gifts. While buying them, wrapping them in glittering colourful packing as well as while presenting them to the dear ones and seeing the gleam in their eyes, we are truly swimming through joyous moments.

Joy Hides behind Pain

When we eat gooseberry fruits, we experience sourness first followed by sweetness. Many a time, we may find joy a gooseberry. Joy resides in compassion. Being compassionate is the ability to suffer with others and work with them to bring back happiness in their lives. That brings you joy. Pain can be the forerunner of joy. Ask a mother and she will tell you, “Without the pain of labour, the joy of motherhood is not wholesome. And remember, our life of joy starts with a birth cry. 

Interestingly, you get more joy out of giving joy to others. Your ultimate joy is when the world around you is joyous as much as you are.








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