Just wishing

 Partha wishes  today

  • to hope that there can be fewer negatives, less evil, less malice, no despair,  no frustration
  • to hope that all will learn poise, balance, moderation
  • to wish away the option of violence in a solution to any problem
  • to hope that there will always be better options, better choices than violence
  • to believe in  healthy disagreement, healthy discussion and healthy decision making
  • to wish for bias free appreciation all over the world for what sanatana dharma stands for and what it has to offer
  • to deny sanatanic labelling for any intolerant attitude towards any person or group by self styled sanatanists
  • to wish all medhavis a fantastic, joyful New Year 2009
  • and to hope that they will all continue to do their wonderful work to make the earth a little better every day

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