Kesava Sagara

‘Purvaparau Varinidhi vigahya  sthitah prthivya iva manadandah’ is Kalidasa’s description of the stretch of our Himalayan range. He finds it stretching on the northern frontier, spanning the seas from East to West like a measuring rod of the earth.

People of Bharat revere this abode of snow and source of sacred rivers and do not consider it a mere chance that Narayana spoke

to Nara at Badrinath and resides in the Salagrama fossils on the Gandaki bed; that Siva’s white Kailasa Parvat and Manasa lake are in its lap; that the most holy Ganga flows from its pristine Gangotri site. Dakshina Murti, does indeed pervade the entire range of Peace.


From Dakshina Murti’s matted locks, the sacred Ganga meanders through the plains of Hindustan and joins Vanga Sagara at Vangadesa after marking attendance at Dakshineswar through a sister branch, the Hooghli.

Holy water vapour that rose from Vanga Sagara, prompted by Surya Deva, had resided and moved in the skies as clouds of Sruti itself till it descended on Parameshwara’s locks. From the Acharyavara’s sacred locks, it flowed as Smriti and as Sadguru Ganga through the plains where Rama’s Sarayu and Krishna’s Yamuna joined it as Sishyavaras blessed by Bhagavan’s Grace. They would reach mukti , led by their Sadguru, by joining the expanse of Vanga Sagara at Vangadesa which was merely a return to base, return of the Jivas to Kesava Sagara. They would be joined by other Jivas led by other sadgurus whose origin would have been from the paschima side of the same Sagara through the Sahya Acharya’s peaks blessed by Agastyamuni.

On the banks of the Ganga, and of her sister rivers all over Bharatavarsha innumerable Brahmacharis would finish their Sandhya prayers and proclaim, while doing abhivadana,

‘Akasat patitam toyam yatha gacchati sagaram, sarvadevanamaskarah Kesavam prati gacchati’

This morning, every one in Tamilnadu, far away from the Ganga, greets every one else he/she meets with the happy enquiry, ‘Ganga Snanam Acha?’ (Have you bathed today in the Ganga?) Each of them believes that the Ganga did indeed arrive at his/her source of bath-water this morning to bless him/her and take him/her onward in his/her spiritual path. 

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