Lalita pancharatnam

Lalita pancharatnam asks us to submit to Goddess Lalita at the dawn.

The whole Universe that is ‘seen’, all the biological forms that ‘see’ are manifestations of ‘Shakti’. Since she does these ‘create, sustain, destroy’ playfully, randomly, with no specific reason, she is called Lalita the playful

All the Universe’s ‘seer’ and ‘seen’ are made of pancha bhutas, ten indriyas and manas. All these 16 are the play of Lalita. Hence Lalita is called Shodasi.

Universe is primarily made of 5 states of matter. All objects are a combination of Solid(prthvi), Liquid(jal/Apa), Gas(Vayu), Plasma(Agni) and Bose-Einstien Condensate(AkAsa), a play of Lalita.

All beings perceive the Universe through Hearing(zrotra), sight(caksu), smell(ghrana), taste(rasana), touch(tvac) and impact the Universe though Locomotion(pAda), speech(vak), reproduction(upastha), metabolism(pAyu), work(pAni), a play of Lalita.

In all beings, Manas integrates indriyas, guides their actions. The 5 bhutas, 10 indriyas and Manas are the Shodasi play of Lalita. In this manas, Shiva/puruSa/Atman manifests as sAksi or conscience.

When we realize all the Universe including our very manas as a play of Lalita, we get guided by that sAksi and we realize happiness, knowledge, wealth and wellbeing,

Lalita pancharatnam translation sung in tamil essence in english


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