Laughter is an interval between sorrows

                  Laughter is an interval between sorrows



                 A man was sitting on one side of the road crying. He seemed to be depressed and worried.  While another man sat right in front of him but looking somewhere laughing to his heart’s content.  But the people who passed by approached the man who was crying and questioned him again and again as to why he looked so sad.


 Why were people shocked to find a person in depression and why were they not surprised by the one immersed in laughter?  Because man by nature is the embodiment of happiness and sorrow is something which is uncommon to him. 


              One can laugh at ease when he is peaceful and content at heart. Crying is easy but laughter is tough.  In order to laugh one needs to be happy; in order to be happy, he needs to strive for it.  In this process, he might need to face the whirlpool of troubles which might lead him to sorrow.  But troubles are like passing clouds.  When the Sun of realization shines, the clouds of sorrow get shattered and disappear gradually.


              Laugh and leave anger; Love and live longer’ has to be the sole objective of a human being.  There are various kinds of laughter which determine the nature of a person. One is an artificial laughter which has no meaning except as a courtesy.  Another is the laughter for time pass, another is to laugh wholeheartedly and the other is uncontrollable laughter either out of extreme happiness or out of happiness over enemy’s defeat.  Never laugh at others’ defeat while mounting, you will have to face them while dismounting. Instead give a helping hand to the ones in despair for them to smile at life too.


             When we throw a little smile at a person, his mind is filled with happiness.  If laughter is thrown and received, the heart is filled with love.  Imagine the power of smile and laughter in this mechanical world.


              A laughter on a withered face blossoms like a flower spreading the fragrance of love and fun everywhere.  But we do not have enough time to laugh .  We spend our time in brooding over the problems in our daily life.  We do not feel like enjoying the company of a person in sorrow but we feel like joining a person of laughter.


             All of us have problems big and small in our lives.  Not even a day passes without them.  Problems are our eternal shadow no matter what season it is. We can’t avoid all problems but we can avoid some by changing our attitude.  For most problems, the solution lies in the change of our attitude.  We make a mountain out of an ant-hill.  A great being said, “When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.” Try to laugh at little problems in the beginning and you will be able to solve it easily. You will gradually get used to laughing at problems big.  From then on, you will be a smiling person no matter how big the problem is.


             A person is called great when he faces major problems but still maintains stability and a smile on his face.  As George Washington Carver said, “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” Start being optimistic regarding every aspect in your life and all people you come across. Pessimism is the main reason for any problem or illusion.  You might doubt as to how it is  possible to take negative minded people as positive.  At such times, remember one thing.  Every being on this earth who you deal with directly or indirectly has something to do with your life lessons.  In fact they are not your enemies but your friends indirectly who are helping you reach your goal of self-realization faster.  So smile at your enemies for they are your true friends.  In turn, life itself smiles at you at all times.  Laughter attracts happiness, for it is contagious.  It is your only friend who boosts up your spirits at all times.  Invite Laughter into your life.  Let it follow your life like a cool shadow for it to act as an interval between two sorrows .  Smile your problems and Laugh your life.  Short span of happy life is better than saddened longevity.



“Smile is an index of one’s mind while Laughter for one’s soul.”          – – – Sharmila Sanka

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