Let go – A winter’s Tale

Stay yet a while’
Begged the tree of the leaf,
‘For this is but, time in transit Just a season, meant to pass
The bite of cold
Will release its hold
Then again will there be
The season of plenty
Stay yet a while’

‘Nay, I can’t tarry,’
The leaf affirmed,
‘The others have left, so will I
The grip of cold is strong
And to it you might yet succumb
Bent over as you are by the force of gale…
Whence again shall I receive the invite of wind?
So the time is nigh to let go
Forthwith I bid bye’

The tree understood the leaf’s quandary
And even as it wondered,
How was one to choose
Between holding on and letting go?
How could it tell the leaf
In separation, it isn’t the tree that withers…
Resigned as it were
To the play of nature
In its parting smile, it hid its sigh

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