Light of Being

Once in between waking and a dream,
The blue one came to me…
He showed me the secret play of light,
which shines for eternity.

The light is knowing,
the light is being,
the light is pure love…
It shines within and through everything,
no matter whether below or above.

let go of this,
let go of that, he said…
just hold on to that knowing,
which exists between any two thought,
without which there’s no Being.

That knowing is but Light of Being,
that shines in every heart…
Just let go of all this,
and let go of that,
let the veils of ignorance part!

When you know your Self,
and you have a clue,
about this illumination…
that’s when you’ll become,
that unfettered vagabond,
the eternal, ultimate liberation!


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