Logic tells us that there must be a creator for the universe to exist.  St. Thomas calls God the first mover.  In Shorter Summa, the existence of God is the first topic St. Thomas explains that God is eternal.  God is not split like a Taoist would suggest.

God is not part something, part nothing.  God in fact is somthing.  The answers we are looking for are, that it is in reference to its existence, and what it is in reference to its essence.  Creation is evidence that God is out there somewhere.  God set the universe in motion.  Some believe that God has taken on multiple forms or has expansions.  Of the theories on creation the Hindu perspective explains that Brahma is the first God.  Brahma is the cause of the cosmic explosion that began the creation of the universe.  Catholic Faith tells us that God did expand creating worlds as well as spiritual expansions except that there is one God.  The one God is the first mover.  Astronomers take satellite photos of planets.  The planets orbiting the Sun are barren.  The planets closer to the Sun are volcanic, the planets farther out are frozen or made up of elements that are of no likeness to our planet.  The satellites also look out into the nearest galaxies.  The images are amazing.  The universe has no known limit.  Hindu scriptures tell us a multitude of creators emerged.  The exceptance of the multiple God veiw is based on the number of stars or planets that exist.

In our respect it is impossible to put God into simple terms.  St. Thomas said the divine intellect is the same as the divine essence.  Looking for answers is just speculation.  The earth is a diverse world.  The oceans are abundant in all sorts of wildlife, from pelagic fish, to birds like the albatross.  There are iguanas, snakes, elephants, deer, bears, and so on.  There are oak trees, pines, mangroves and so on.  Does an albatross have a spirit?  Is God found in trees or plants?  The world makes God look like an artist.  All things act own their own.  St. Thomas focus is on mankind.  Man is set apart based on his will or hid intellect.  Man is higher up on the evolution of the mind.  The power of creative thought or speculative thought or constructive thought is all given to man.  Man has work ethic.  Civilization is the result of creative thinkers.  The will is a great force.  Man was given the will to work through whatever struggle is in his path.  Man is the result of a greater source that intended us to exist.  God is said to be the same force all the time.  The attributes given to man are the same as what God is.  St. Thomas set out to prove the existence of the creator.  Let us call that fact.  Whatever else god is, philosphers question.  So much can be proved, then the rest is left to arguement. 
St Thomas tells us that at the beggining of creation mankind was lost.  God planned to restore man.  Lost at the first man?  Man became materialistic.  Christ came to restore man.  God became a part of mankind after taking on the form of a man.  Man the last to be created, of all beings on Earth is a part of Christ.  The sacred scripture tells us Christ ascended up out of the Earth after his death.  Christ came to the Earth a mortal, then left as spirit.  The purpose was for God to realize man.  The realization of man lets God find some understanding for men.

Can man realize God, if God never realized man?  Is Christ the turning point in mans realization of God?  Christ was said to be in fact in the form of a man though he was formed of some sort of celestial matter.  The teaching of Christian faith tells us Christ was of the same nature of mortal men, and had a true rational soul.

Plato believed the intellectual soul is seperate from us in the form of matter.  Plato said a mans soul is like a sailor in a boat, it is at the helm.  The soul is one with man.  The soul is said to be the mover.  Alexander belived the potential intellect to be part of the soul that is seperate from a man.  Aristotle agrees with Plato that the spirit sets things in motion, and that it is a force of intellect seperate from mans actual form.

Let us go back to the first mover.  There is an order of causes that brought about what we know.  The order of causes created the stars.  It set the planets in motion.  The order of causes is responsible for the evolution of the evolution of all the creatures on the planet.  After a look at creation, where does it leave us?  There was a first mover, there is an order of causes, something brought about the world, something brought about man, all things meet an end.  Those are the five proofs brought up.  Lets assume man is on his own in the world.  Does the spiritsoul of the creator remain with us?  Is there a cause for the good elements of mankind?  St Thomas said there is a source that is the cause of all being.  Socrates said man came from the world of forms.  The theories are similar.  The outlooks tell us that God shaped man.  The Catholic Faith calls the omnipotent God the creator, and the maker.  The creator is the concept of Brahma or the first mover.  The maker is like the craftsman or sculpter of men.

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