Long Lasting MARRIAGE/some tips


                              LONG LASTING MARRIAGE/ some useful tips!!!!


    As i was about to leave for a game of chess with a friend, i was stopped by this   young lady who has recently moved into our block after marrying a  TAMBHRAM .  She is a CKP of Maharashtra and an IT professional and i know she is SAP professional from her very looks!  She knew we are from south and north( LIKE THEM) and wanted to know from auntie how we have survived such a long marriage (36 Years)with a mentally ill child. She assumed ofcourse that we had no fights!!!! Auntie graciously  left it to me to explain as she was busy preparing the lunch.

    I told her that the secret is Love and way of SHARING responsibilities. Basically i told her that  i cater to the BIG  picture being the head of family while my wife looks after the MINOR  things in life. The  Feminist SAP professional in her could not accept the inferior status of auntie in married life and she looked at auntie with little smirk.  EQUALITY is the name of the game for her.

    I told her that auntie selected the place we have to settle after retirement , the type of accommodation we purchased, the colour of interiors, curtains,the type of car,its colour,( I did not tell her that auntie  selected 30 years back the Vespa and its colour when i just suggested the Jawa bike), the type of fridge,its capacity,type of Music system(PMPO),TV including its size and where it is placed,type of bed and also bedspreads and so many MINOR THINGS like the colour of my shirt,tie and what i wear at marriage ceremonies etc etc. Monthly outing and the restaurant,menu are of course minor as also the serials we see. She also understood by now that the joint account and the bank we had this account  are also minor issues. Only once auntie allowed me to have my way in a minor thing is to buy the Hindu while she preferred the times of India with all those advts.

   "Uncle" then what are the MAJOR  issues you decide? I triumphantly told her that i decide whether it is Obama or Macain who would be best for USA. Whether US should withdraw from Iraq or not.  I also decide whether India should sign the 123 agreement or select the F18 or MIG 31 for the MCA deal.I also decide whether Federal reserve should have cut the interest rate by 100 instead of 75 basis points. I also decided Indira Gandhi was the best PM (while auntie selected Rajiv because of his smile and even now prefers Priyanka for her smile.).I  also decide whether India should have bombed the terror training camps in Pakistan after the Parliament attack. I even decide that Zardari should be the PM of Pakistan instead of Nawaz and how Mush should be treated after he vacates the Presidency. Kosovo recognition, Malaysian elections, Tibet riots and the list is endless in which my male brain has to take  MAJOR  decisions.

  SAP understood the tips of long lasting marriage and her mouth was wide open while i could see a  amallsmirk in my wife's face.



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