Love Birds

When we read Ramayan we feel Rama being Maryada Purushotham how could he sent Sita Ma to forest when she was pregnant.


There are so many arguments on this subject. It seems there was a sad love story behind this.



When Ma Sita was 4 r 5 years old, she was playing in garden with her friends. She found 2 parrots Sukhi and Sukha singing the story of Rama, Vaidehi Janaktmaja. Sita went near those parrots and asked them about the song they were singing and who were Rama and Vaidehi? Then those love birds told Sita that they were from The Ashram of Valmiki and they were signing the future of Ma Sita.


Sita was young and innocent. She liked the song of the parrot. So she told her friends to put those two birds in the cage so that she could listen to the song daily. Those parrots pleaded with Sita that they have to go back to the Ashram of Valmiki. But Sita did not listen to them. She left free the male parrot and she caged the female parrot.


At that time female parrot was pregnant. The parrot used to sing for Sita, but she died soon and before dieing she gave a curse to Sita that she would be separated from her husband when she gets pregnant.


And later the same parrot came into this world as a washer man because of whom Ma Sita was sent to forest even though she was pregnant.


The fruits of our acts good as well as bad, we enjoy in this life only.


You may find this story in Padma Puran, Patal khand.




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