Love is an Illness

Love is one of the oldest and deadliest diseases which has affected the highest form of biological species on the spaceship called Earth. The first victims were Adam and Eve, and it has been prevalent on this planet ever since. Nobody has been able to do anything to eradicate love including WHO.



Many poems, songs, stories and novels have been written on Love and its Victims. Love appears to be a popular theme on the screen of Indian cinema. Coming to the famous victims of love, we see that Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu etc figure on the Indian scene like Romeo-Juliet in the West.

The initial symptoms of attack by the love disease are nail biting, cheeks turning red, blood pounding in the temples and throbbing in the ears. The victim goes from salmon pink to fiery red. Those affected may be observed sitting cross-legged and visiting the mirror very often. Medical journals have reported that the heart beats at a faster rate and occasionally even misses a beat.

Love affected person often suffer from sleepless nights and are found to sing at odd hours and at odd places. Bahavioural changes occur in most people, like loquacious person turning taciturn and vice versa. An angry young man or woman suddenly exhibits model bahavioural pattern.

Every body is susceptible to an attack of Love. It affects a person irrespective of age, colour, caste, creed, nationality or ethnic origin.

The famous South African surgeon Dr. Christian Bernard who pioneered heart transplants has concluded after year of extensive research that eyes are the entry point of Love from where it soon spreads tentacles over the heart. He has also identified the places where the germs of Love abound. These are buses, trains, offices, school, colleges, dance halls, cinema theatres etc. When Love catches on during school years it is termed infatuation. Should the attack develop during college years it is platonic, and in adult life it is fatal!

One interesting question that comes to mind is how Love grows when it is blind to facts. The answer is that it grows by study of figures. Another interesting feature of Love is that it is light sensitive requiring darkness for development.

Lovers express Love towards each other in verbal and non-verbal modes of communication. Warm ways of expressing love are touching, hugging and caressing. But remember that love is not measured by how many times you touch each other but who many times you reach out to others.

So far, no cure has been found. Homo sapiens have learned to live with it by playing tender game of life. A few measures of alleviation can be suggested, like the fusion of two minds, sharing each others time, ideas, emotions and feelings. Finally, the best unification for Lovers is the universal solution of marriage.

If Love is an illness, then why do people hate to be unloved? Because Love is feeling, Love is caring, Love is sweetest feeling of joy.

And ultimately, it is Love that makes the world go round!

© Copyright 2007 Rajendra Rajput


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