mAdhava panchakam

Madhu is anything that does not ‘expire’ or ‘go bad’ or ‘die’ easily. Hence it indicates honey, liquor or the demon madhu who dies only when he wishes or ‘weak’ force that decays matter slowly.

mAdhavA is that descended from madhu, or even won over madhu, in terms of being eternal, never expiring.

The entire Universe property of mass exists based on the Higgs potential. If that ‘expires’ (it could), Universe will get destroyed and hence it does not expire for life of Universe. Hence it could also be called mAdhavA.

Oothukadu Venkata Kavi entwines bhakti and jnAna in Madhava Panchakam describing the characteristics of mAdhava (jnAnA) combining it with visualised physical beauty of mAdhava (bhakti).

Characteristics of mAdhavA depicted in madhava panchakam are;

mAdhavA bears everything in the manifested Universe.

Yet mAdhavA remains detached, far away from the manifestations of Universe.

Though remaining detached, mAdhava causes various ‘holy’ manifestations that guide our evolution. Hence he is ‘Hari’.

Hence the Universe is ever smiling mAdhavA’s ‘leela’ or play of emotions.

mAdhava hosts various matter and beings as his garland. He is kesava and Krishna wearing peacock-feather.

In short, the mortal matter and beings arise on the immortal mAdhava who beats madhu. In science, this could be seen as the Higgs potential overcoming the weak force decay of matter and beings, establishing generations or avatars of particles and hence all the matter and beings of the Universe.

mahA periyavA in his discourse on ‘tattvam tattva vid ekatma janma mrtyu jaradigah’ repeats a similar concept. The immortal tattvam and the moral knowers of tattvam are the same atma. One who realizes this reaches amrt tattvam. Enjoy the beautiful mesmerisng song from the genuis of OVK, translated in tamil.

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