Manas Mandal


Mind is like a blooming lotus

   Mind is like a blooming lotus. There are many stages and many parts of blooming conscious mind. Preconscious to insect conscious, after that – reptile conscious mind blooms gradually. The next stage of blooming petals of the lotus like mind is animal conscious mind. After that, previous human conscious mind, and after that, human conscious mind, and next, super human conscious mind blooms gradually. 

   The last blooming stage of the mind is God conscious mind or the God mind. Also there is more one stage, then when all petals will fall down, the remaining part with seed [for re-(again) creation] is Supreme Being conscious mind!

   Conscious mind is like god ‘Shiva’. Yet it is not fully watchful. It is blooming gradually. Subconscious mind is working almost in full swing. It is like goddess ‘kali’- ‘MahaMaya’- the mad like woman with full of emotion and nearly ignorance (it is not religious but spiritual view point).

   Those who are conscious about his/her own mind, with inner world, also conscious about outer world, and conscious about the great world mind, they are in fact conscious human beings.


‘Manas’ means mind and ‘Mandal’ means circle, kingdom, sphere etc.

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