Mantras , Jai Hind and Vande Mataram


Mantras,,Jai Hind and Vande Mataram


I was watching the Hindi movie "1942-ALove  Story" for the umpteenth time , the other day and was surprised that I felt the same way I felt when I watched the movie for the first time,when the Hero defiantly shouts "Jai Hind!"

A gun is held against his head, but he is ready to forsake his love, his life , his everything for the "Greater Mother"  …

The first time we watched that movie we were much younger, and idealism bubbled in our veins.

When the scene came we were deeply moved and shed some tears.

That movie is not a perfect one and the actor is not the best we have , then what makes us feel the same way even after watching the movie this many times?

Granted, the deep feelings we all have for the events that happened in 1942, especially the young Men and Women who sacrificed their all, who are unsung , unremembered…

Could it be also due to the power of the "mantra?"

We recite Shlokas/verses in Tamil and Sanskrit [ we might not understand even the ones in Tamil fully, still] because we've been told mantras have power.

The verses that flowed out of the mouths of supreme bhakts have a lot of power too.

We recite verses by Kambar , Arunagirinathar or the verses from the Hanuman Chalisa in the hope that  the sublime thoughts in those verses would elevate our impoverished souls…

Jai Hind was a mantra that was gifted to us by a great Man who is still remembered in a place far way  from where he was born…the deepest part of Southern TN.

He is remembered because he stood for  idealistic Kshatriya [ am not talking about caste here, but the principles] principles and he redefined the term "leadership".

Some of TN ‘s Sons and daughters [ yes, them too] served in the INA and I read a magazine article about some of them, who are in their eighties now] who , every year ,assemble before his statue in Madurai TN, and say "Jai Hind!".

The Men and Women would go ,but the power of that "Mantra" would remain with us…The same with "Vande Mataram"…

While Vande Mataram fills us with respect , awe and love ,Jai Hind fills us with pride and energy…

As with mantras ,different "desiya"- mantras fill us with different types of positive feelings…

And we irrationalists have no problem in admitting that we have emotions.

After all positive emotions don't hurt anyone and can only benefit all concerned.






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