mAyA panchakam

mAyA is the process that creates self-identities (maya) and perspectives (aham-kAra) and thus ‘differentiates’ (vi-bheda). These differentiated identities and perspectives then interact and evolve to create more and more identities and perspectives. This process masks the actual existence underneath and creates various perceptions (bhrama) or illusion or delusion in us.

In modern parlance, mAyA is the evolutionary process.

The effect of mAyA, the evolutionary process can only be uncovered or burnt up through Knowledge or jnAnA.

mAyA panchakam describes mAyA, the evolutionary process that hides the reality behind, deludes us by making layers over layers in five different ways of diversification, errors, union of heterogeneous entities, division of homogeneous entities and adaptation to laws

mAyA panchakam translation sung in tamil, essence in english, with relevant speeches of mahA-periyavA.

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