Miracle can give you some extra time in your life. Here is a story of a man whose life was saved by a miracle? A man’s life was saved by a chance handshake with a doctor, who diagnosed him with a life-threatening tumor. Mark Gurrieri, 36, was working at a restaurant when a friend there for lunch introduced him to his dining partner, GP Chris Britt, 46, of Woodford Green, Essex.

The two men shook hands and Dr Britt noticed Mr Gurrieri’s huge, spongy-feeling hand and his large facial features as symptoms of acromegaly – a tumor at the base of the brain, which can be deadly if untreated. Mr Gurrieri had the 2cm tumor diagnosed last month after doctors confirmed the rare condition.

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I heard similar story when a man’s life was saved by chance. This man in story was living in a certain city in India and was suffering from a debilitating disease. He had fever and lost significant amount of weight. A healthy man had turned into a skeleton over a short period of time. He was sinking irrespective of all medical attention and various tests conducted by the doctor. The doctors I believe had almost given up hope on his recovery. This story was told to a student who was in a medical related field (student was not a doctor) by a family friend who knew the patient. After hearing the complete case history the student suggested that the patient is suffering from hyperthyroidism. And the student suggested that the doctor should conduct thyroid profile test on the patient in question, if not already performed. The friend went back and told the patient in question get tested for thyroid profile. It was almost a miracle, when the doctors performed thyroid profile tests on the patient, and found him to be hyperthyroid. The patient was treated and he got back in good health. It was a miracle that saved the patient’s life.

Do you have any story of such miracle that you would like to share?

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