Mundaka Upanishad III & IV

Mundaka Upanishad IV

In part I it was said that Brahman is omniscient. The universe is his creation. Life evolves from his will.
In part II different forms of delusions were described. The path to realization is open to those who have examined the world carefully and concluded that there is nothing to be done by energetic commitment. They should seek instruction from an experienced teacher.  

In part III it was said that the supreme Eternity known as Brahman is the origin of all the worlds.

  1. It is self-effulgent and lodged in the heart. It is the great goal. All that flies, breathes and winks are fixed on it. It constitutes the Real and the illusory. It is beyond discriminatory knowledge of beings. Know it to be the best.
  2. It is brilliant, subtler than the subtle. The worlds and their constituents arise from it. This is the immutable one. It is the breath, the speech and the mind. It is the Real one. It is eternal. It is the Brahman.
  3. Taking the message of the Upanishads as the sharp weapon, focus the arrow with concentration on the target.  With your mind identified with the Brahman realize it to be the immutable.
  4. The pranava mantra Om is the bow.  The Self is the arrow. Brahman is the target. It has to be understood unmistakably. It is like an arrow. One should be identified with it. 
  5. Heaven, earth and space are strung on Him. So are the mind, breath and the organs. Know him to be Singular. Abandon all other thoughts. He is the bridge to eternity.
  6. It is fixed in the heart with many nerves like the spokes on a chariot wheel.  He moves in the inner regions. He manifests himself in many forms. Meditate on the self as OM. You would be free from influences that would land you in shores of darkness.
  7. He is omniscient. He is the glory of all secular knowledge. He is established in the heart region in the luminous city of Brahman. He is the form of the mind. He is the supporter of anaerobic and aerobic life.  Seers perceive him through Vignyana or discrimination. He shines as bliss.
  8. He snaps the strings in the heart. He resolves all doubts. On realizing him one is free of existential constraints.
  9. Brahman is inside the bright golden sheath. He is untainted and seamless. He is pure. He is the light of all lights. Those who realize the Self know this.
  10. Sun is not bright by comparison to him. So are the moon and the stars. Lightning does not also shine in comparison. Agni is nowhere by comparison. He outshines everything. His brilliance makes everything shine.
  11. Only Brahman is eternal. He is in front and at the rear. He is above and below. He is everywhere. He is the most superior. He is the universe.

    To sum up: Brahman is everything. Seers perceive him through discrimination.

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